Workshop Electronic Tools in Biblical Hebrew Teaching and Research

05/02/2013 | 05/03/2013

Main building VU University Amsterdam

Workshop Electronic Tools in Biblical Hebrew Teaching and Research

Faculty of Theology

Theology and Philosophy


Over the last decades, the Research Group for IT and Biblical Studies at VU University, Amsterdam (WIVU: Werkgroep Informatica Vrije Universiteit) has created a database of the Hebrew Bible, including morphological encoding, clause segmentation and clause parsing, clause relations and proposal for a text syntactical analysis. It has become an extremely rich resource for Biblical Hebrew teaching and research. The challenge remains, however, to build a bridge between (a) the potential of IT to reshape research strategies and teaching methods and (b) traditional linguistic and literary research on the Bible. Many biblical scholars are satisfied by IT as an instrument to make life more comfortable (a library on the screen instead of on the shelves; a quick word search replacing consulting a printed concordance), without realizing the potential of the electronic instruments for redefining our research and teaching practices. The aim of the symposium is to build such a bridge.

Programma and more information
For more information and the programme please consult the workshop programme.

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Registration is possible until Friday 19 April.

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