Admission requirements and procedures

To be admitted to our PhD programme, you must be in possession of a Master's degree or have successfully obtained an equivalent qualification at a foreign institute of higher education (see Doctorate Regulations, 8.1-4). If you are in doubt about your qualifications, please consult the website of Nuffic or send an email to our Graduate School.
There are various ways in which you can get in contact with the Graduate School and get accepted as a PhD candidate. If you know already your specialization area and/or have a prospective supervisor in mind, the easiest way is to have an informal contact with him or her and explore the possibilities of a PhD trajectory. If you are not yet certain about the direction of your career, you can also contact the Director of the Graduate School or other staff members of our faculty. 



■ Hopefully, informal contact with your prospective supervisor results in a PhD trajectory. This usually starts with a brief indication of your intended research area (about 200 words) and a provisional title and subtitle, or with a more elaborate research proposal (eventually to be approved by the Doctorate Board).

■ Together with your supervisor you need to make a Training and Supervision Plan (TSP), based on your previous qualifications and skills and focused on your research area. The TSP is part of the Application Form

■ Proficiency in written and spoken English is an absolute requirement. This will be determined on the basis of a score of 580 or above (237 or above in the computer version) in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or an equivalent score in another accepted language test.

■ For a full list of required documents, see the checklist below. It is your supervisor who sends all the documents to the office of the Graduate School. You will be admitted as a member of the Graduate School as soon as your TSP has been accepted by the director of the Graduate School. You will receive a Letter of Confirmation with further instructions about payments and library access.

■ After your TSP has been accepted and you have presented your Research Proposal to a research group, your supervisor sends your Research Proposal to the Graduate School for approval by the Doctorate Board. After approval, you and your supervisor fill in Form 1 (Application for Admission to the Doctoral Programme (English version; Dutch version), and, after all the required signatures have been provided, send it to the office of the Graduate School for official registration at the beadle's office.

All PhD candidates who are admitted to the Graduate School after 1st April 2015 fall under the regulations specified in the university’s Doctorate Regulations.Candidates admitted between 1st January 2015 and 1st April 2015 also fall under the new regulations, with the exception of article 15 specifying the training requirements, which does not apply. All other candidates fall under the doctorate regulations which were applicable until 31st December 2014 (see Regulations > 1.1.2015).


As a supervisor you are responsible for the content of your candidate's training and supervision programme (TSP). To avoid a bureaucratic overload, please make sure that the files are complete and provided with all the necessary evidence (see the checklist below). Note that incomplete sets will not be accepted and will cause a delay in the application process. If you have any questions about TSPs, please contact the Director of the Graduate School directly.

Send your complete set to