In accordance with article 3.10.2 of the university’s Doctorate Regulations, every PhD candidate has at least one supervisor plus a second (co-)supervisor. The supervisor(s) is (are) from the Faculty of Theology. The College of Deans can appoint a professor from another Dutch university or a foreign institution as the supervisor. In this case, the College appoints a professor of the Faculty as the second supervisor.
The main supervisor has the rank of full professor (hoogleraar), not that of assistant or associate professor (thus, not: universitair (hoofd)docent). A team of supervisors can consist of up to four members. Except for the main supervisor(s), the members of the team can consist either of assistant/associate professors or full professors. The function of the (team of) supervisor(s) is to supervise the process of writing, and to monitor your process regarding the requirements determined in your Training and Supervision Plan.
In order to monitor your progress, the supervisor(s) fill(s) in a Supervision Record. The Supervision Record plays an important role in the supervision process. The results of your Supervision Record will be checked by the supervisor(s) as well as by the Graduate School on a regular basis. The results of the Supervision Records determine the "go/no go" decisions which are common for evaluating PhD trajectories. 

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In order to get a "go," the results of your Supervision Records must be adequate. An adequate result implies that you have minimally twice scored "satisfactory" within the first two years of your trajectory (a different time-frame may apply to internal candidates). Candidates who score lower than this within two years, will receive a "no go": their PhD trajectory and their membership in the Graduate School will be terminated (please note the regulations under Fees).

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