Institutes and Centres

The research in the different faculty research groups is brought together in a range of different institutes and centres. They play an important role in the presentation of research results by issuing journals and publication series and by arranging conferences and symposia.


ACCORD advances the understanding of cultural and religious diversity.

Amsterdam Centre for New Testament Studies

The Centre seeks to foster research in the field of New Testament Studies.

Amsterdam Centre for the History and Heritage of Protestantism

Het Amsterdam Centre for History and Heritage of Protestantism (ACHHP) verricht onderzoek naar de geschiedenis van de verschillende tradities en stromingen van het protestantisme tot rond 1800.

Amsterdam Centre for Religion and Peace & Justice Studies

An academic research centre focusing on issues related to peace and justice at the intersection of religion with interdisciplinary and interreligious approaches.

Amsterdam Centre for the Study of Lived Religion

In the Amsterdam Centre for the Study of Lived Religion (practical) theologians, social scientists, and ethicists investigate moral and religious practices of individuals and (faith) communities.

Arminius Instituut

Instelling voor remonstrants theologiseren, met aandacht voor vragen uit de academische theologie, de kerk en de samenleving.

Center for Buddhism and Dialogue

The center conducts research into the several Buddhist traditions in their societal context, and the dialogue they engage in with a.o. Christianity, secularism, spiritual care, psychology and medical sciences.

Centre for Contextual Biblical Interpretation (CCBI)

The Centre for Contextual Biblical Interpretation is a cooperation of the Protestant Theological University and the Faculty of Theology of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. It stimulates and organizes various activities concerning reading and interpretation of the Bible and develops activities in both teaching and research. It brings together people using the Bible in different contexts and from different perspectives.

Centre for Patristic Research

The inter-academic Centre for Patristic Research (CPO) is an initiative of the Faculty of Theology of the VU University Amsterdam and the Faculty Catholic Theology (FKT) of the University of Tilburg. The CPO is a joint property of both universities. The CPO serves a scientific and oecumenical purpose. The CPO aims at scientific research into the first developments in Christian thinking concerning mankind, society, Creation and the Holy Trinity and their connection.

Centre for Religion and Law

The Centre for Religion and Law is a collaboration between the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Theology of the VU University Amsterdam.


The Faculty of Theology participates in CLUE+. CLUE+ is the interfaculty Research Institute for Culture, Cognition, History and Heritage of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer

The Eep Talstra Centre does scientific research on the texts and linguistics of the Hebrew Bible.

Herman Bavinck Center for Reformed and Evangelical Theology (HBCRET)

The Center seeks to study and advance the tradition of Reformed theology that inspired the founders of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Hollenweger Centre

The Faculty of Theology together with the Faculty of Social Sciences, participates in the Hollenweger Center for Interdisciplinary Study or Pentecostalism and Charismatic Movements, established in 2002.

INaSEC: Institute For Academic Study of Eastern Christianity

International academic platform for high-quality interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research on Eastern Orthodoxy.

International Reformed Theological Institute

International network of involved Reformed scholars, working in the field of systematic theology, church history and ecumenical theology.