The Future of Pentecostalism Conference 2018

09-02-2018 | 10-02-2018

Vrije Universiteit, De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam

GloPent 2018: The Future of Pentecostalism Conference 2018

Dr. Jon Bialecki, Dr. Kim Knibbe and Dr. Damaris S. Parsitau

Conference Coordinator: Miranda van Holland

Faculteit der Godgeleerdheid


Symposium / Seminar

With its growth, global impact, and reach, Pentecostalism has developed into a diverse and established movement of denominations, independent churches, mega-churches, and ministries. Within mainline Christianity, Pentecostal beliefs and practices are now more accepted and are described by some as the ‘Pentecostalization’ of Christianity. This is observed in the acceptance of key practices and beliefs concerning the gifts of the Holy Spirit like divine healing, deliverance, and prophecy. However, Pentecostalism in the context of (late) modernity is more than a success story.

In spite of its missionary zeal, Pentecostalism is not immune of decline and apostasy of the second or third generation Pentecostals. Furthermore, science and shifting morals in societies challenge Pentecostal beliefs more broadly which calls for response and engagement with the surrounding context.  And due to new media, scandals concerning Pentecostal leaders can no longer be hidden.

Together these trends raise a number of questions with regard to the future of Pentecostalism, which will be the overall theme of GloPent 2018:The Future of Pentecostalism in Amsterdam.

The GloPent 2018-theme the Future of Pentecostalism will be organized among 3 themes:

 1.    Future of Pentecostal Beliefs and Practices
 - Routinization of signs and wonders
 - Authenticating healing, miracles and prophecy
 - Prosperity gospel and modernity
 - Apostasy and deconversion
 - Deliverance practices
 - Pentecostalism and theology
 - Pentecostalism and science
 - Pentecostalism and homosexuality

 2.    Future of Pentecostal Networks and Churches
 - Pentecostal identity and megachurches
 - Decline of denominational Pentecostalism
 - Second generation Pentecostals
 - Conference sites and the local church
 - Pentecostalization of mainline Christianity
 - Pentecostal identity and global Christianity
 3.    Future of Pentecostal Authority and Gender
 - Pentecostal leadership and celebrity culture
 - Fivefold leadership and the apostolic reformation movement
 - Pentecostalism and feminism
 - Leadership couples and gender relations
 - Corruption, fraud and new media

Keynote Speakers
dr. Jon Bialecki, University of Edinburgh: (theme 1) Miracles, in the Future Imperfect Tense?
Respondent: dr. Peter Versteeg, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

dr. Kim Knibbe, University of Groningen: (theme 2) Conflicting futures, entangled pasts: Nigerian missionaries in a post-secular Europe.
Respondent: dr. Birgit Meyer, Utrecht University

dr. Damaris S. Parsitau, Egerton University: (theme 3) The Future Kingdom of Holy Women and Pure Girls: Tensions, Trends and Raptures in Pentecostal Gender and Family Relations in Kenya
Respondent: dr. Peter-Ben Smit, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Utrecht University

GoPlent 2018 Coordinator: Miranda van Holland

Conference dates: 9-10 February 2018

Conference Fee: € 95,00 - students € 75,00 - members Penteco Studies € 75,00

Grant for PhD students
Thanks to external funding through the Zonneweelde Foundation, we can offer 15 grants of 250€ to PhD Students who present a paper. All those concerned can submit a request to the Conference Coordinator  before December 10, 2017. A curriculum vitae, a motivation letter, a recommendation letter of the PhD's student supervisor and an estimated travel budget is required as a part of the application.

Location: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Address and How to get there)

Practical information regarding hotels and other travel arrangements will follow soon.