prof. dr. C.W. Anbeek

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Bijzonder hoogleraar bij het Remonstrants Seminarium

Dr. Christa W. Anbeek (1961) is professor Remonstrant Theology at the Free University in Amsterdam. She is also an associate professor of existential philosophy at the University for Humanistic Studies in Utrecht. Before this, she worked as an assistant professor in the field of religious studies, with a specialization in Buddhism, Christianity and the interreligious dialogue. The main focus of her research is on the relationship between religions, philosophies and the meaning of life, especially with regard to the end of life or to serious life events.

Besides her academic work she has ten years of working experience as a Remonstrant chaplain in a mental hospital. During this period she counseled many individual patients, offered group work, supported teams of mental health professionals with questions concerning the meaning of life and the meaning of professional life, and she was a member of the board of medical ethical investigations. With numerous publications in national newspapers she has contributed to the public debate in The Netherlands on end-of-life decisions.

Her main publications are:

  • Anbeek, Christa (2013) Aan de heidenen overgeleverd. Hoe theologie de 21ste eeuw kan overleven. Utrecht: Ten Have (Delivered unto the Heathens. How theology cansSurvive the 21ste century)
  • Anbeek, Christa & de Jong, Ada (2013). De berg van de ziel. Een persoonlijk essay. Utrecht: Ten Have. (The mountain of the Soul. A personal essay). (sep 2013 – 8ste druk)
  • Anbeek, Christa (2010). Overlevingskunst. Hoe te leven met de dood van een dierbare. Utrecht: Ten Have (The art of surviving. How to live with the death of a loved one);
  • Anbeek, Christa (2003). Zin in zen. De aantrekkingskracht van het zenboeddhisme in Nederland en België, Rotterdam: Asoka (Zen Buddhism and Meaning.The attraction of Zen in the Netherlands and Belgium. An empirical study);
  • Anbeek, C.W. (1994). Denken over de dood. De boeddhist Nishitani en de christen W. Pannenberg vergeleken, Kampen: Kok (Thinking about Death. The Buddhist Nishitani and the Christian Pannenberg Compared).

Some of her publications in English are:

  • Anbeek, C.W. & Alma, H. (2013). Worldviewing competence for narrative interreligious dialogue: a Humanist Contribution to Spiritual Care.  In D.S. Schipani (ed),Multifaith Views in Spiritual Care. Kitchener, Ontario: Pandorapress, pp. 149-166.
  • Anbeek, C.W. (2011). Images of Nature and Meanings of Life in the Face of Death: an Existential Quest.Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, 19 (2) 81-99.
  • Anbeek, C.W. (2010). Women and the Art of Living: Three Women Writers on Death and Finitude. Essays in the Philosophy of Humanism, 18(2), 89-106.
  • Anbeek, C.W. (2010). Christian and Buddhist Spiritualities: Their Differences and Complementarities. In J.D. Gort, H. Jansen & W. Stoker (Eds.), Crossroad Discourses between Christianity and Culture (pp. 413-430). Amsterdam New York: Rodopi.
  • Anbeek, C.W. (2009). The Beauty of Ten Thousand Blooming Flowers. Journal of the European Society of Women in Theological Research, 17, 59-68.
  • Anbeek, C.W. (2007). Evil and the Transformation of Evil in Buddhism and Socially Engaged Buddhism. Probing the Dephts of Evil and Good, Multireligious Views and Case Studies, Jerald G. Gort, Henry Jansen, Hendrik M. Vroom (eds). Amsterdam, New York: Rodopi,  p. 101-116.
  • Anbeek, C.W. (2005). Buddhism and Christianity. Can we learn from the other? Bijdragen. International Journal in Philosophy and Theology, 66/1, p. 3-19.