prof. dr. P.A. van Doorn-Harder

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faculteit religie en theologie ( beliefs & practices )
Bijzonder Hoogleraar Christen-Moslim Relaties


Nelly van Doorn-Harder’s research straddles issues concerning women and religion and those concerning minorities, minority cultures, and human rights in Muslim countries. She has done her main fieldwork in the Middle East and Southeast Asia; specializing in indigenous Christianity of Egypt and in Muslim organizations in Indonesia. She has authored and co-authored books, papers, and book chapters in these areas, among others for Sojourn, The Muslim World, the Nordic Journal of Human Rights, The Encyclopaedia of the Qur’an, The Encyclopaedia of Religion, and the Encyclopaedia of Islam. Her latest book Women Shaping Islam. Indonesian Muslim Women Reading the Qur’an (2006) analyzes the various religious strategies Indonesian Muslim feminists have developed to strengthen the position of women. The book argues that their use of Qur’an based texts rather than secular feminist material allows women to gain degrees of authority that in certain fields are comparable to the authority of male Muslim leaders. Her current research focuses on spiritual trends that motivate activist expressions of Islam in Indonesia. This project includes artistic expressions, visual culture, rituals, and text. She has held fellowships from Fulbright, the Ford Foundation, the American University at Cairo, and the Norwegian Institute for Human Rights Studies.


Graduate and undergraduate courses on:
The Qur’an and the Prophet.
Applications of Islamic Law.
Contemporary Interpretations of the Qur’an.
Muslim-Christian Relations.
Christians in the Middle East.

Recente publicaties

- Coping with Evil in Religion and Culture: Case Studies. Edited with Lourens Minnema. (Amsterdam, & New York: Rodopi, 2007).
- Women Shaping Islam. Indonesian Muslim Women Reading the Qur’an. (Champaign-Urbana & Chicago: University of Illinois Press, 2006).
- De Koptisch-Orthodoxe Kerk. (Kok: Kampen, 2005).

- “In Search of New Approaches to Inter – and Intra- Religious Christian and Muslim Debates,” in Pro Ecclesia, Summer 2009.
- “Recreating Saintly Women: Gender and Coptic Spirituality, in: Mariam Ayad (ed.), Proceeds of the International Conference on Coptic Studies. (2009).
- “Indonesian Women Activists: Spiritual Callings in Times of Change and Adversity,” in: Zayn Kassam (ed.), Muslim Women’s Spirituality (Rowman & Littlefield, 2009).
- “Controlling the Body: Muslim Feminists Debating Women’s Rights in Indonesia,” Religious Compass (Blackwell Publishers, November 2008).


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