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Migrantenkerken in Nederland


Godsdienst in Amsterdam, Inleiding Sociale Wetenschappen

Recente publicaties

Meulen, M.  van der. “Being Illegal is Like Fishing Without Permit: African Churches, Illegal Immigration and the Public Sphere.” A Moving God. Immigrant Churches in the Netherlands. Ed. M.M. Jansen en H.C. Stoffels. Munster: Lit Verlag, 2008.
Meulen, M. van der. Review of Fruitful in This Land. Pluralism, Dialogue and Healing in Migrant Pentecostalism, by A. Droogers, C. van der Laan and W. van Laar (eds.). Wereld en Zending, 36.4 (2007):102-103.
—. Review of Religion and civil society. Rethinking public religion in the contemporary world, by D. Herbert. Journal of Empirical Theology, 18.1 (2005):119-120.
Roeland, Johan, en Marten van der Meulen. “God in Nederland: afscheid of terugkeer?” CV Koers. 5 (2007).
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—. Vroom in de Vinex. Kerk en civil society in Leidsche Rijn. Maastricht: Shaker Publishing, 2006.
—. “Waarom babyboomers de kerk verlieten.” Niet zo’n kerkganger. Zicht op buitenkerkelijk geloven. Ed. G. Heitink en H. C. Stoffels. Baarn: Ten Have, 2003.


Name: Marten van der Meulen
Mobile nr: +31 6 45444479
Email (private): m.vdmeulen@gmail.com


PhD Sociology of Religion, VU University Amsterdam, May 2006.
Dissertation:     Faith in the Suburb. Church and Civil Society in Leidsche Rijn (published in Dutch as Vroom in de Vinex. Kerk en civil society in Leidsche Rijn”). An ethnographic study of two church planting projects in a new suburb in The Netherlands. Main concepts of my study: civil society, social capital.

BA and MA Theology, Utrecht University, March 2001
MA thesis:          Citizens of two worlds. Evangelical youth and the modern ethos. 
Major:                  Sociology of Religion, Minor: Missiology, Education

M.Div, Theol. Acad. Institute of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, August 2002
Thesis:                 Santa Claus and the Ten Commandments. The Beliefs of the Babyboom Generation.
Major:                  Practical Theology

Employment History
2005 - now         Postdoctoral position at Faculty of Theology, VU University Amsterdam as part of the project The Participation of Immigrant Churches in Dutch Civil Society.

I studied African churches in Amsterdam Southeast, and a Spanish speaking Roman Catholic parish in the center of Amsterdam. I undertook 18 months of ethnographic fieldwork and participant observation. I formally interviewed more than thirty five leaders and members of several churches, dove into archives, did volunteer work as a Dutch language teacher for Latin American migrants, and surveyed 64 churches in Amsterdam Southeast.

Main concepts: (civil, public, religious) participation, civil society, social capital. The research is funded by a grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (see “Received Grants”)

1996 - 1999        Assistant to Prof. dr. Hellemans, professor Sociology of Religion, Catholic University, Utrecht.
All kinds of administrative tasks: finding articles, answering letters, summarize texts.



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