PhD Supervision Prof. S. Paas

The research program of the J.H. Bavinck Chair for Church Planting and Church Renewal can be found here.

  • Christian Mission in Post-Christian Europe: historical, missiological, ecclesiological studies into post-War mission(s) in the secular areas of Europe
  • Ecclesiology and the network society
  • Postmodernity, ecclesiology and missiology
  • History of church planting in Europe, exploring different historic models
  • Missiology and the Social Sciences: Parallels between concepts
  • Do models of church planting and church renewal developed in other parts of the world ‘work’ in Europe?
  • Under which circumstances can European churches grow?
  • Church Planting Movements and their viability in secular Europe
  • New churches as sources of innovation
  • Church and ecclesiological experiments: tensions between theology and practice explored
  • Religious marketing and church planting: testing concepts in Europe
  • Church planting in the context of a people’s church (Volkskirche)
  • Exploring models and best practices of mission in today’s Europe
  • New churches and multiculturality
  • Christian community formation among new Christians from other cultures and religions
  • Post-ideological and ‘blended’ missiologies / ecclesiologies
  • Secularization and mission
  • Church renewal by church planting: does it happen?
  • A ‘mixed economy’ of church: how can this work?
  • Church planting in particular areas of Europe, such as Southern Europe, and the specific contextual conditions there
  • Mission theologies from a European perspective: how must Europe be considered from a missiological perspective?

This list is just an indication in which directions research on mission, church planting and church renewal in Europe may lead us. Other suggestions and proposals are welcome.

Please, contact prof. Stefan Paas ( for information and suggestions.