em. prof. dr. H.M. Vroom

Coordinator of the Center for Islamic Theology; Professor emeritus in the Philosophy of Religion


By appointment


Publications have been in the areas of comparative theology/philosophy, religious hermeneutics, the study of theology in a plural culture, dialogue, and public theology.
Presently I am working on (1) anthropology (in dialogue with the ideas of emptiness of self (Zen), autonomy of the self, and Christian notions of non-self., and (2) on the possibilities of dialogue between people of different philosophies of life (secular or religious), and the preconditions and limitations of dialogue.
Most of my research has been  embedded in the researchgroup Encounter of Traditions, that s. 1987 organized seven workshops and conferences (and Volumes) with scholars from other traditions about about themes as ‘Religiouw Values and Human Rights’, ‘Religion, Conflict, and Reconciliation’, ‘Relgions View Religions’, and Religions and Evil (www.rodopi.nl - Currents of Encounter Series).


Presently together with colleagues: class on the philosophy of religion, islamic public theology and a class on intercultural hermeneutics. Mainly supervision of ph.d.students.

Recent publications

'Dialogue with Islam: Facing the Challenge of Muslim Integration in France, Netherlands and Germany'. Brussels, Centre for European Studies, 2010.
'Neerhalen wat voor een ander heilig is: Over blasfemie (On Blasphemy)' Festus. Forum voor samenlevingsvragen nulnummer (November 2009). Click here for this article (in Dutch).
‘A Theological Faculty as a House with Many Mansions. On the Institutionalization of Theology in Pluralistic, Secular Societies.’ Studies in Interreligious Dialogue 18 (2008), 184-202
‘Jezus Christus als beeld van God’, In: In het spoor van Jezus en Mohammed. Red. Stella el Bouayadi-van de Wetering en H.M.Vroom, Meinema / Pelckmans: Zoetermeer/Kapellen, 2008, 63-76
‘Can we be sure about contingent religious insights?’, in: Dirk-Martin Grube & Peter Jonkers (eds.), Religions Challenged to Contingency, Leyden-Boston, Brill, 2008, 205-220.
‘The Dignity of ‘I’ and ‘Me’’, in: Paul Middleton (ed.), The God of Love and Human Dignity. Essays in Honour of George M. Newlands, London, T & T Cark, 2007, 35-50
‘Evil from a Comparative Perspective,’ in: Jerald D. Gort, Henry Jansen and Hendrik M. Vroom (eds.), Probing the Depths of Evil and Good. Multireligious Views and Case Studies, Amsterdam / New York, Rodopi, 2007, 343-366.
(ed.), Wrestling with God and Evil, Philosophical Reflections, Amsterdam / New York, Rodopi, 2007, 1-10, 131-146
‘Islam’s adaptation to the West: on the deconstruction and reconstruction of religion,’ Scottish Journal of Theology 60 (2007) 226-241
‘Sin and Decent Society: A Few Untimely Thoughts’, International Journal of Public Theology, 1 (2007), 471-488.
Plaatsbepaling. Christelijk geloof in een seculiere en plurale cultuur. Zoetermeer. Meinema. 2006. 205 pp.


S, 1968 related to the staff of philosophy of religion of the VU-University Amsterdam, s. 1992-as full professor, from 2010 prof. em.

member of the Dutch Protestant Church’s committees on doctrine (1981-1997); ecumenics (1987-2002); European area committee W.A.R.C. (1987-2002); chair interreligious dialogue committee of the Dutch Council of Churches (2001-);
member of the Board of the Academy of the Dutch Christian Democratic Party (1996-2007)
coordinator of the VU-research group Encounter of Traditions s. 1987
chair of the Board of the Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Theology and Religion (2002-31.12.2009)
board member of the European Society of the Philosophy of Religion (2000-2008)
coordinator of VISOR, Religion-Public Domain (2007-2009)
founding member and chair of the European Society for Intercultural Thelogy and Interreligious Studies (ESITIS)
coordinator of the VU-Center of Islamic Theology (2005-31.12.2011)
editor in lead of (www.) studiesininterreligiousdialogue s. 1991
co-editor of the series Currents of Encounter (s.1989)