Dr. ir. J.T. Berghuijs (Joantine)

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Postdoctoral researcher in the project ‘Multiple Religious Belonging’, together with André van der Braak, Manuela Kalsky and Daan Oostveen.
I am a researcher with a social scientific focus, broadly interested in lived religion today, and especially in the great variety of religious and spiritual expressions outside established religious institutions. In my PhD project, completed in 2013, I therefore focused on New spirituality and social engagement, studying the way people shape their lives using their own selection of spiritual sources.


In Dutch society, cultural and religious diversity increasingly lead to hybrid religiosity. Our research project aims to bridge the gap between the current, inadequate scientific discourse on religious belonging, and the empirical reality of hybrid religiosity, using the paradigm of 'multiple religious belonging' (MRB) through a hermeneutical approach in combination with an empirical approach. The Western image of religion as a unitary, organizationally defined, and relatively stable set of collective beliefs and practices, is challenged by the phenomenon of MRB. Extensive religious blending and within-group religious heterogeneity may be the norm, rather than the exception.

My focus in this project will be on the empirical approach. People's everyday religious practices rarely resemble the tidy, consistent, and theologically correct packages that official religions promote. The empirical subproject focuses on mapping out people's MRB-as-lived, including the complexities, apparent inconsistencies, heterogeneity, and untidiness of the range of religious practices, beliefs and expressions of ordinary people, rather than official spokespersons, in the context of their everyday lives. The Dutch society is an excellent environment to carry out this project: the Netherlands is considered as a highly secularized country, seen from a denominational stance, but forms of MRB are developing independently from established religions. The challenge of this empirical project is to portray the importance of this phenomenon in the Netherlands quantitatively and qualitatively.


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