Alexei Bodrov Researcher in Residence

Since October 2013, Dr Alexei Bodrov (St Andrew’s Biblical Theological Institute, Moscow) is Researcher in Residence at the Department Dogmatics and Ecumenics, in collaboration with Dr. Katja Tolstaja, director of INaSEC. Dr Bodrov will conduct literature and archival research and provide a number of lectures.

11/14/2013 | 4:44 PM

foto Alexei BodrovAlexei Bodrov holds a PhD in theoretical physics, and was a student of the Nobel Prize winner Vitaly Ginzburg. He also has studied theology at Oxford. Dr Bodrov is the founder of St Andrew’s – one of the first independent theological institutions in Russia. St Andrew’s is an ecumenical institute for furthering the dialogue between Eastern and Western theology and was the first in Moscow to get state accreditation in theology. Now it focuses on the organization of conferences and summer schools, and on publishing translations of Western theologians and philosophers (e.g. Barth, von Balthasar, Küng, Moltmann, Taylor). Dr Bodrov’s background in the natural sciences also explains St Andrew’s interest in the dialogue between theology and science.
Alexei Bodrov has a tremendous ecumenical network and good personal contacts with outstanding theologians and church leaders.