Dr Zhu Researcher in Residence

The Faculty of Theology is honoured to have the Chinese religious studies researcher Dr Caifang Zhu from February 16 to April 15 as Researcher in Residence. Dr Zhu will give several guest lectures in the framework of the new Buddhist training. He will present his research that focuses on the practice of Chan Buddhism in China and the West in several lectures as well.

02/18/2013 | 6:06 PM

foto van dr. Zhu
dr. Zhu
Dr Zhu
Dr Caifang Zhu is a research fellow at the International Center for Buddhist Studies at Renmin University, and a research fellow at the Institute of Hebei Chan Buddhism.

He was one of the Chinese participants at the conference on religion and social cohesion, which the faculty organized together with Renmin University in October 2012 in Beijing. His current visit is an important step in the growing cooperation between the Faculty of Theology and Renmin University.

Read more about Dr Zhu on his weblog blog.sina.com.cn/caifangzhu (mostly in Chinese)