An afternoon on engaged and public scholarship with professor Anthea Butler

Thursday the 13th of December professor Anthea Butler invites VU students to a discussion on engaged and public scholarship in the new 3D centre for Dialogue, Diversity and Debate at the VU. Currently Butler is working at the VU as a scholar in residence on a Religion and International Journalism grant.

12/07/2018 | 3:53 PM

Butler is an outspoken and sought-after media commentator on issues relating to religion, racism, gender and politics. She regularly writes opinion pieces covering contemporary politics, religion, and race at The New York Times, The Washington Post, Huff Post, and The Guardian. Butler has a strong social media presence and as an engaged scholar she has become highly visible in media discussions on topics like abuse within the church and the black lives matter movement.

AntheaButler_250In these segregated times being a black, female and outspoken scholar such as Butler has unavoidably become the object of hate and anger on social media platforms. Being an engaged and public scholar is not for the faint hearted and may come at great costs. Therefore, Anthea Butler considers her work, both as a scholar as well as a more public figure as a personal calling. Also Butler encourages other scholars to enter the field of engaged scholarship and challenges them to participate in the public debate. Engaged and public scholarship is not limited to a specific field. It can be on the arts, finances, politics, sustainability, economics, for there are no boundaries to engaged and public scholarship. 

During this afternoon session on the 13th of December students are invited to join the conversation with Anthea Butler.

Anthea Butler is Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. A historian of American and African American religion, Professor Butler’s research and writing spans religion and politics, religion and gender, African American religion, sexuality, media, religion, and popular culture.

The meeting will start at 15:00 hours until 17:00 and will be held at the 3D (free entrance), the new debate centre of the Vrije Universiteit.  You’ll find 3D (The former Verrekijker) on the ground floor if the W&N building. The entrance is on the campus square.