Prof Bee Scherer appointed professor of Buddhist Studies

On December 1, Prof. Bee Scherer will start as professor of Buddhist Studies at the Faculty of Religion and Theology, as part of the training for Buddhist spiritual care.

11/18/2020 | 11:00 AM

201118 Prof. Bee Scherer - PortretScherer is an internationally renowned scholar with a broad expertise in the field of Buddhism. In addition, Scherer is a longstanding practitioner and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism.

Their publications cover a wide field, from classical philological studies to contributions on Buddhist queer theory. Scherer studied in Germany, the Netherlands and the US and received a PhD in Groningen in 2002. Until recently, Scherer held the professorial chair of Religious Studies and Gender Studies at Canterbury Christ Church University, U.K., and directed an interdisciplinary Social Justice Institute (INCISE).

Engaged scholarship
Dean Ruard Ganzevoort is proud of the appointment: “Scherer is a keen example of 'engaged scholarship’: thorough scholarship combined with personal involvement and societal impact.”

Scherer: “I am delighted to join the vibrant and diverse VU community. I am very much looking forward to co-shaping the university’s Buddhist studies provisions, including the Buddhist Chaplaincy program, together with my colleagues at the Faculty of Religion and Theology and in close connection with the Buddhist communities in the Netherlands."