Prospective Master's Students

Prospective Master's Students

Welcome to the Faculty of Religion and Theology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam!

On this page you will find all the information you need to know to be well-prepared to start your studies. If you still have any questions, please contact us at (Dutch diploma applicants) or (international diploma applicants).

We look forward to seeing you and wish you a lot of fun and good luck with your study programme!

General information

We can imagine that you have a lot of questions about what studying at the VU looks like during this corona crisis. For the most up-to-date information and answers to frequently asked questions about the coronavirus and VU University Amsterdam, please visit If your question isn't answered here, you can contact the Student Desk

International students can find the most frequently asked questions on There is also a FAQ webpage. In case your question is not answered there:

  • For General questions:
  • For housing related questions, please contact our Accommodation Services team via:
  • For all questions regarding visa, please contact the Immigration Services team via:
  • For all questions about your application or admission requirements, you can contact your International Student Advisor Stipo Jeleč, via e-mail or telephone: 598 8920 .

Education first semester 
During the corona crisis, you can continue to expect high-quality education from VU Amsterdam that you can fully participate in. Teaching will be offered in hybrid form: online and where it is possible and permitted, on campus. The purpose of hybrid education is to take advantage of the best features of both face-to-face and online learning. Even if education on campus is gradually getting started and you are not yet able to come to VU Amsterdam, alternative online opportunities are offered. We advise you to keep an eye on the information provided by your programme. Well before the start of the new academic year, your programme page on our Mastersportal will state what education will exactly look like for at least period 1 (September/October).

Track the status of your application in VUnet
Make sure that you have completed your registration for your programme by 31 August at the latest. See your status overview on VUnet for any requirements you still need to meet to complete your registration.

Your registration is only complete once you see the indication ‘registered’ in the ‘my programmes’ field in Studielink. If you change anything in relation to your application or registration in Studielink or VUnet, it will be shown the next day in your status overview.

Once your registration is complete, you will receive a Proof of Registration document within two to four weeks.

Where will you find the status of your registration?

  1. Log in to VUnet.
  2. Under ‘Complete Application’, go to the relevant programme.
  3. Under ‘Status’, click on ‘Check status’.
  4. For each requirement, you can see if you still need to take any action.

Do you have questions about the registration process? Please contact the Student Desk or, if you applied with an international diploma, the International Student Advisor (International Office).

Additional information for international students:
Not yet admitted at VU Amsterdam?
If you are still waiting for admission, you are advised to not yet arrange payment. Please wait until you have received a letter of admission.

How can you pay?
If you are a student from a SEPA* country:
You will be able to select the digital authorization option in order to arrange a spread payment option (in 5 instalments), in which case the first payment will be collected from your account around 25 September. Alternatively, you can pay the whole amount in a lump sum.

If you are a student from a non-SEPA country:
You can fill out your country details to stop Studielink from sending out the messages. Studielink will notify you that you cannot arrange payment directly via Studielink. You can either wait until you have opened a Dutch bank account in August, or arrange an international bank transfer.

All payment details can be found on Tuition Fees.

Do you still have questions about tuition fee payments? Please contact the Student Desk.

* Single Euro Payments Area

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the university has decided to apply more lenient conditions for students progressing from a Bachelor’s to Master’s or pre-Master’s programme. This means that students who are only a few courses shy of completing their Bachelor’s will, under certain conditions, still be allowed to start their Master’s or pre-Master’s programme at VU Amsterdam next year. Each Master’s or pre-Master’s programme sets specific conditions for students who want to be admitted without having completed the Bachelor’s programme. Find out more at under the heading ‘Coronavirus: from Bachelor’s to Master’s’.

Do you meet these conditions or do you expect to meet these conditions by 31 August at the latest? If so, you can request exceptional admission no later than 1 August. You can do this by completing and submitting the relevant form.

Please note: the request for exceptional admission is separate from the standard application procedure. So make sure that you also submit your application in VUnet before the deadline.

Student Desk
Many answers to questions about your degree programme can be found on VUnet. For questions about registration for courses, enrolment, tuition fees, student cards, transcripts, etc. you can contact the Student Desk.
Location: Main Building (HG), central hall, VU campus

International Service Desk
The International Service Desk (ISD) deals with general questions of international students.
Location: Main Building (HG), central hall, VU campus

Coordinators and Academic Advisors
Each track within the Master’s programme has a track coordinator. You can approach him or her with any questions you may have regarding your programme.

You can contact your academic advisor for any questions or advice regarding personal circumstances that are interfering in your studies, a delay in your study progress, or study skills or choices within your degree programme.

You can find more information about Academic Advisors on VUnet. Please use the contact form for your question and if you wish to discuss matters by telephone, please indicate so.

Studying with a disability
If you suffer from a disability, a chronic illness, dyslexia, or a mental disability, this does not mean that you will be unable to successfully complete your studies. If you need help with your studies because of your disability, there are a number of people you can turn to. Firstly, you can contact an Academic Advisor.

The Student Counsellors at VU Amsterdam can advise you on matters such as financial support in the event of a delay in your study progress. If you have problems such as performance anxiety or study stress, or if you are experiencing problems that are interfering in your studies or preventing you from completing your degree, then you can get in touch with one of the Student Psychological Counsellors at VU Amsterdam. You can find more information on Studying with a disability on VUnet.

You can register for courses in period 1 starting on 20 July up to the first week of the teaching period (no later than 7 September). Please note: for the remaining periods, registration closes three weeks prior to the start of each teaching period.

You can plan your courses by adding them to your schedule in the registration module in VUnet even before the course is open for registration. Please note: planning is not the same as registering! If you have planned courses, you must still register for them, the related teaching activities, and exams. Registration is not automatic. Further information about Registration for Courses and Exams is available on VUnet.

Once you register for a course, you are also automatically registered for the first exam opportunity for that course, but not for a resit, should that become necessary. If you need to take a written resit, you must register for this separately. You can take care of the registration up to 14 days prior to the resit.

Set the deadlines in your calendar or as a reminder in your phone so that you are on time. If you don't sign up in time for courses and exams, you won't be able to participate!

VUnet-ID and VUnet
The VUnet-ID is your username and password that gives you access to all kinds of digital services such as VUnet and Canvas.

VUnet will be an important source of information during your studies at the university. Through this portal you will find all relevant information such as your e-mail, your personal schedule, exam grades, important announcements and a link to the study guide. The VUnet homepage provides news from the university and the world of academia. Log in using your VUnet-ID, which you should already have received. If you have lost your VUnet-ID, please visit the Student Desk. Take your university registration card or other form of identification for identification purposes.

VU Amsterdam e-mail
Each student is assigned a personal VU Amsterdam e-mail address, with the following format: You can read and send e-mails by logging in to VUnet with your VUnet-ID. The university uses this e-mail address exclusively when corresponding with you about your studies. It is essential that you check your inbox regularly to ensure that you do not miss any important information about your degree programme. If you would like to avoid having to log in to check your e-mails, you can have your VU Amsterdam e-mail automatically forwarded to your personal e-mail address.

Canvas is the digital learning environment of VU Amsterdam. Each course also has a course in Canvas, to which you automatically have access when you have signed up for the course. Because of the corona crisis a large part of the education takes place online via Canvas. On Canvas you will find the course's study manual and examples of exam questions, the teacher will keep you informed about your progress and you will sometimes have to submit assignments via Canvas. Also, after a lecture, teachers often put the lecture sheets on Canvas, so that you can study them again at home.

Study guide and timetable
In the online study guide you will find information about the content of your courses, method of assessment and which literature you need. Here you will also find the Teaching and Examination Regulations of your study programme. The timetable of your study programme can be found at

Useful app
On the VU Student app you'll find a link to the timetable, the study guide, your VU email and all sorts of other handy shortcuts. Download the app for iPhone or Android.

In the course descriptions in the Study Guide you will find the literature you need for the first courses of the year. You will receive more information about the other literature you need during the first lecture and in Canvas. You can buy all the literature you need online at the VU Bookstore.

If you think you might be eligible for one or more exemptions, based, for example, on your prior education, please submit a request well in advance of commencing the course in question to the Examination Board for your programme. You can do this via VUnet.

Dutch Grading System
International students may find that the Dutch grading system is different from their own. To help set your expectations of the Dutch system, here you'll find a short explanation.

Extra courses
If you want to take additional courses alongside your required courses, you can register for ‘extra-curricular courses’. Naturally, you must meet the entry requirements for the course. Please see the course descriptions in the study guide for specifics.

If you take an extra course that is not part of your programme and you wish to add it to your own programme, then you apply to the Examination Board for permission. If you take that extra course at another educational institution, you are responsible for ensuring that the results and credits are forwarded to VU Amsterdam, so that the results can be entered into your file.

High-level athletes and forms of outstanding performance
If you participate in top-level sports or other high-level activities, you may have difficulty combining these with a busy degree programme. For that reason, VU Amsterdam has a High Achievers Scheme (in Dutch) for students who are involved with these kinds of extra-curricular activities in the areas of sports or culture. The scheme includes financial assistance in the event of delays to study progress and features that can help to reduce such delays.

The Boardroom
The Boardroom is a special programme consisting of high-level master classes for a maximum of 15 Master’s students. Every three weeks, a prominent alumnus of VU Amsterdam shares their unique knowledge and skills with you, drawing on their vast expertise and experience. One of our researchers provides an introduction to the topic. You will become acquainted with companies and organizations, and you will develop a skill set that goes above and beyond the standard for your degree programme. Boardroom activities take place during evening hours, and active participation is expected. The programme runs from October to June. Applications can be sent from 31 August to 1 October.

Thinking about a PhD?
Do you want to obtain a PhD degree and write a doctoral dissertation in the field of theology or religious studies? With more than 250 PhD candidates, the Graduate School of Religion and Theology offers excellent opportunities for high-level academic research and doctorate studies, both residential and non-residential. You can find more information on the website of the Graduate School of Religion and Theology or send an e-mail:

For all questions concerning visa, housing/accommodation, funding opportunities, exchange programmes and mobility, please consult the web page PhD Programme.

In addition to your studies, you can become a member of our study association Voetius (in Dutch) or enjoy the cultural, sporting and social activities offered by VU Amsterdam. More information can be found on the page Extracurricular activities.

Your opinion matters
Would you like to have a say in matters relating to education? Then joining a committee is something for you. More information can be found on the page of the Faculty Student Council (in Dutch).

Arrival days for international students
VU International Office will arrange several online activities in order to help you become acquainted with the city of Amsterdam and the university campus, to get to know your fellow students and, of course, to have fun! The Introduction will take place from 24 August to 26 August 2020. More information will be published on the introduction webpage.

Opening Academic Year and introduction for all students
The opening of the faculty academic year will take place on Monday 31 August. This is organized with the Protestantse Theologische Universiteit (PThU). In the afternoon your study programme will organize an online introduction where you learn more about the details of your studies. It's important to attend this introduction, so keep this afternoon free!

The introduction takes place via Canvas. On the Canvas site of your study programme you will find the exact program of your introduction, and other important information about your study programme. You will receive the invitation for the Canvassite of your study programme around the 21st of August. Make sure you accept this invitation, so you don't miss anything.

You need a VUnetID to log in to Canvas. Don't have one yet? Then make sure you complete your application for your study as soon as possible. Many online meetings in Canvas take place via Zoom. If you install Zoom on your computer, you won't miss a thing! More information about Zoom and how to install this program can be found in our manual.