Lénart de Regt affiliated researcher ETCBC

The Faculty of Theology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has appointed Dr Lénart de Regt as affiliated researcher of the Eep Talstra Centre for Bible and Computer (ETCBC).

17-11-2016 | 12:03

Dr De Regt is Global Translation Advisor for the United Bible Societies, with which he has also served as Translation Coordinator and Translation Consultant. In 1990-2000 he was affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit as Assistant Professor of Bible Translation.


De Regt’s appointment as affiliated researcher is motivated not only by his excellent scholarship, which resulted, in his monographs A Parametric Model for Syntactic Studies of a Textual Corpus, Demonstrated on the Hebrew of Deuteronomy 1–30 (1988), Participants in the Old Testament Texts and the Translator (1999), and Linguistic Coherence in Biblical Hebrew Texts. Arrangement of Information, Participant Reference Devices, Verb Forms, and their Contribution to Textual Segmentation and Coherence (2016). There is also a strong shared interest in a sound methodological basis for the linguistic analysis of the Bible, which begins with the registration of formal phenomena in the text before semantic functions or rhetorical structures are assigned. The late Leiden Professor J. Hoftijzer (1926-2011), De Regt’s PhD supervisor, a much respected advocate of this form-to-function approach, was the main source of inspiration both to Dr De Regt and to Professor Eep Talstra, the founder of the  ETCBC.

There is a long tradition of cooperation between the ETCBC and Bible Translation studies. One of the fruits of this cooperation is the Bible Translation specialization in the MA track “Biblical Studies and Digital Humanities”, organized by Dr Lourens de Vries, Professor of General Linguistics and of Bible Translation, and Dr Wido van Peursen, director of the ETCBC and Professor of Old Testament. The appointment of De Regt as affiliated researcher of the ETCBC is another step in strengthening the ties between the computational linguistic analysis of the Hebrew source text and the theory and practice of translating this Hebrew text in the many well-known and less well-known languages of the world.