Prof. E.A.J.G. van der Borght

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faculteit religie en theologie ( vervallen (dogmat & oecum) ), faculteit religie en theologie ( beliefs & practices )
Desmond Tutu Professor; Associate Professor of Systematic Theology




My research focuses on three areas:

  • Theological research on the on the identity of religious communities in relation to their potential for reconciliation and conflict in South Africa.
    Aspects of this research deal with the public theology of archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Christian doctrine of reconciliation before and after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the symbolic expression of reconciliation in liturgical acts, and the ecclesiological consequences of reconciliation.
  • The place of anthropology within ecclesiology.
    This research will focus especially on the way group identities such as tribal, ethnic or national identities are integrated within the identity of the Christian church. How to reconcile ‘in Christ is no Jew nor Greek’ with the reality of national, tribal, autocephalic churches? How to relate the particularity of each local church to its catholicity? Aspects of this research deal with the way the ecumenical movement, biblical perspectives, patristic perspectives and the way current theologians deal with the issue.
  • Secularization in Europe as a theological and ecclesiological challenge.
    Secularization in Europe is a very complex event with various historical, sociological, political and philosophical aspects. This research deals with what the way religions are challenged to reconsider their self understanding, their nature and mission in the light of secularization. Among the issues to looked into is the way cultural diversity and tolerance are part of the new self understanding. The ways theology has reacted to secularization since the 20th century is another issue for further research.


Aspects of systematic theology, introduction to ecumenical and confessional theology, issues in public theology, theology of ministry.

Recent publications

  • E. Van der Borght (ed.), The Unity of the Church, Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2009 (forthcoming)
  • A. Van de Beek, B. Vermeulen, E. Van der Borght (eds.), Freedom of Religion, Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2009 (forthcoming)
  • E. Van der Borght (ed.), Christian Identity, Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2008
  • E. Van der Borght, ‘Reformed Ecclesiology’, in G. Mannion and L. Mudge, The Routledge Companion to the Christian Church, New York/London: Routledge, 2008, 187-201.
  • E. Van der Borght, Theology of Ministry: A Reformed Contribution to a Ecumenical Dialogue, Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2007.
  • E. Van der Borght (ed.), Religion without Ulterior Motive, Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2006.
  • E. Van der Borght (ed.), Affirming and Living with Differences, Zoetermeer: Meinema, 2005.
  • E. Van der Borght (ed.), Faith and Ethnicity, Zoetermeer: Meinema, 2002.

In de media

Mocht Jezus vandaag leven, dan zat hij op Facebook, Knack Extra, 5 oktober 2011.

Desmond Tutu leerstoelhouder neemt eerste exemplaar van de Desmond Tutu kinderbijbel in ontvangst. Lees hier het volledige nieuwsbericht.


Born 1956 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium.

1978: Licentiaat en Geaggregeerde Germaanse Filologie aan de KU Leuven
1987: Licentiaat Protestantse Godgeleerdheid aan de Universitaire Faculteit voor Protestantse Godgeleerdheid.
1988: Ordained as Minister of the United Protestant Church in Belgium
2000: PhD Theology Universiteit Leiden

1980-1988 : Teaching Protestant Religion in secundary schools in Belgium.
1989-2002: Minister of the Protestant Church in Boechout (Belgium)
2001-2004: Researcher on Ecumenics at IIMO University Utrecht
2002- : assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at the faculty of theology Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
2006: Editor in Chief of the Studies in Reformed Theology
2006: Editor in Chief of the Journal of Reformed Theology


Verenigde Protestantse Kerk - Nederlandstalig coordinator ambten Brussel, 02 november 2012
Brill Acedemic Publisher - Onbekend Mechelen, 02 december 2013
Hoger Inst. Protestans Godsdienstonderw. - Docent Brussel, 02 december 2013
Laatste wijzigingen Nevenwerkzaamheden: Amsterdam 27 januari 2017