PhD supervision Dr Vlastuin

Potential research areas and themes in the area of systematic/historical theology for PhD students

  • Apologetics (diverse subthemes)
  • Infant baptism (diverse subthemes: theology of sacraments, theology of covenant, the form of baptism, affirmation of the parents, re-baptism, )
  • The concept of spiritualis in Calvin
  • Communion with Christ
  • Communion with the triune God
  • Jonathan Edwards (diverse subthemes)
  • Heidelberg Catechism (diverse subthemes)
  • Martin Luther’s doctrine of the bondage of the will
  • Revival (Great Awakening and other revivals);
  • Sanctification (diverse subthemes; Calvin, Puritans, relation eschaton, Kohlbrugge, holiness movement, the relation of Romans 7-8, law, unio mystica, freedom, etc.)
  • Spirituality (diverse subthemes; spirituality of Samuel Rutherford, a systematic approach to spirituality, etc.)

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